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Katherine L. Babson, Jr.*

Shawn Baker

Mary Bowers

Laura Brown MacKinnon

Stacy Braatz

Connie Burton

Diane Campbell

Maria Chase

Kevin Clark

Peter Corey

Shani DeFina

Julia de Peyster

Kathy Egan

Ben Elwy

Mike & Nicole Ferrante

Kelly Friendly 

Wendy Garber

Ellen Gibbs*

Trish Glass

Eunice Groark

Neal Goins

Katie Griffith

Annie Hall

Todd Himstead

Judson Jaffe

Andra Jensen

Erry Johnson

Rusty Kellogg

Matt Kelley

Betsy Komjathy

Pam Kubbins

Liz Larsen

Phil Laughlin

Richard Lee

Suzy Littlefield

Melissa Martin

Laura McDonnell

Matthew McKay

Christine Mizzi

Jack Morgan*

Tim & Patty Morgan

Dave Murphy*

Hank Newman

Laura Olton

Niki Brinkman Ofenloch

Alice & Tom Peisch

Pam Posey

Byron Pavano

Ilissa Povich

Quentin & Delissa Prideaux

Joelle Reidy

Brook & Marissa Rosenbaum

Barbara Searle*

Kayla Sheets

Doug Smith

Lynne & Gary Smith

Mason Smith

Stephen St. Thomas

Alejandra Tejada

Phyllis Theermann

Terri Tsagaris*

Michael Tobin

Yolanda & Bobby Tong

Andrea Ward

Maura & Ted Wayman

Kathleen Woodward

Brent Willess

* Former Select Board Member

Endorsements Matter

Read new endorsements below, reflecting Colette's work since she was re-elected to the Select Board in March 2021.


Previous endorsements can be read here.  All of Colette's former endorsers have reconfirmed their support and approve of their message being shared on this website.

Hear From

Six Former Wellesley Select Board Chairs

K. Babson.png

Katherine L. Babson Jr.

Ellen Gibbs library.jpg

Ellen F. Gibbs

Jack Morgan.jpg

Jack Morgan

Dave Murphy B&W.jpeg

David Murphy

Barbara Searle.jpg

Barbara Searle

Terri Tagaris.jpg

Terri Tsagaris

As a group, we have endorsed Colette as a candidate in previous elections and we are strongly supporting her candidacy for re-election to the Select Board on March 5th, 2024.


The Select Board has broad responsibilities as the chief executive body of the Town. Foremost among those responsibilities is proposing a balanced budget to Annual Town Meeting. As the only accountant serving on the Board, Colette has been an incredible asset when setting budget guidelines, including during the unique period of uncertainty surrounding the COVID pandemic. Colette has been a clear and strong voice in responsible stewardship and management of the Town’s reserves over the past three years. Most recently, Colette led the Board’s critical review and update of key financial policies, helping set fiscal policy and direction for the Board in the years to come and giving clear guidance to current and future Board members. 


Our previous endorsement noted Colette's strong work ethic, tenacity, skill in building relationships, capacity for respectful engagement, and ability to compromise.  We stand by these statements. You need only look at her achievements with the Town’s engagement in transportation and mobility matters.  Colette took leadership positions in several regional transportation organizations to raise Wellesley’s concerns, ensuring our town has a strong voice at the table. These accomplishments took hard work, tenacious engagement, relationship building and respectful dialogue. We are confident that, with another term on the Board, Colette will continue to utilize her positions within these regional bodies to advocate effectively for Wellesley.


We enthusiastically and strongly endorse Colette for re-election to the Select Board


Katherine L. Babson Jr., former Select Board Chair

Ellen F. Gibbs, former Select Board Chair

Jack Morgan, former Select Board Chair

David Murphy, former Select Board Chair

Barbara Searle, former Select Board Chair

Terri Tsagaris, former Select Board Chair

MTA AB Logo.jpg

MBTA Advisory Board Chair


Colette joined the MBTA Advisory Board in 2020 and since that time has put incredible time and effort into representing Wellesley and its concerns.


As Vice Chair of the Commuter Rail Committee, Colette is a strong voice for Wellesley and works cooperatively with MBTA leadership. 


As Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee she has supported the Advisory Board as it engaged an auditor and a bookkeeper, completed several audits of its financial statements, established written financial policies, and serves as the Treasurer for our organization.


Strong engagement of municipal representatives in regional bodies like the MBTA Advisory Board is critical, not only to raise Wellesley’s concerns but to make the Advisory Board effective. As Chair of the Advisory Board, I really appreciate Colette’s contributions to making the Advisory Board effective in dealing with a myriad of MBTA issues.


Wellesley is fortunate to have her as their representative on the MBTA Advisory Board. 


Mayor Thomas P. Koch

Chair, MBTA Advisory Board

MWRTA logo.jpg

MWRTA Advisory Board Chair


The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) is guided by its Advisory Board which meets quarterly.


Colette joined the board in 2020 and has worked closely with me as Chair of the Advisory Board to revitalize our Audit and Finance Committee, which she now chairs and engages in robust analysis and discussion of the budget. Colette helped the Advisory Board focus on important financial considerations as we used grant funding to support fare-free transit during COVID.


Colette worked with the Administrator to look to the future, and consider funding strategies for sustainable growth.  Colette supported MWRTA’s work with the State legislature for fair funding for MWRTA, which resulted in a significant increase in, and stabilization of, funding. Colette has been a very strong voice for Wellesley’s transportation needs, building robust ridership on the Catch Connect - an entirely new service not only for Wellesley but for MWRTA.

In my decades of service as a selectman and chair of such boards as the MWRTA and the 495 Partnership I have never worked with a more dedicated public servant than Colette. Wellesley is lucky to have her, and so are we.


Joe Nolan

Chair of the MWRTA Advisory Board

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