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Vote for Colette Aufranc for Wellesley’s Board of Selectmen

We are writing to share our experiences of working with Colette Aufranc in her role as the Treasurer for the Central Council of PTOs, a networking group for all PTOs in Wellesley. When Colette stepped up to volunteer as Treasurer for Central Council, she set herself a goal of building trust between the PTOs and the School Business Office to form a better working relationship. Colette also strived to create an efficient working group for PTO Treasurers to pool resources, share information, and create a supportive peer network. On both fronts, Colette was incredibly successful, in large part because of her pleasant and approachable working style. Colette succeeded in building trust with PTO Treasurers by being available and responsive, communicating continuously, and listening to the needs of the group; as a result, she was always able to take appropriate concrete action. Colette leveraged the trust she earned with the PTO treasurers to build an effective working relationship with the School Business Office, facilitating productive semiannual working meetings. Furthermore, Colette acted as a reliable and dependable resource for PTO Presidents in understanding not only the important work of their Treasurers, but also their shared obligations with respect to monitoring financial information. As a result of Colette’s persistence, Central Council was able to present annually to the Town’s Advisory Committee the combined level of financial support PTOs provided to their schools and communities, something that had never before been captured and was important when considering budget decisions.

Colette was a pleasure to work with; we all felt that we could reach out to her with any questions or requests for help, and we knew our calls would be well received and thoughtfully addressed.

Please join us in voting for Colette Aufranc for the upcoming special election for the Board of Selectmen.

Lisa Collins, Central Council of PTOs Moderator, Kenilworth Circle

Shani DeFina, former Central Council of PTOs Moderator, Arnold Road

Betsy Komjathy, former Central Council of PTOs Moderator, Radcliffe Road

Sarah Pedersen, former Central Council of PTOs Moderator, Glen Road

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