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New endorsements from former Audit Committee Members, WHS PTSO and WEF Leaders

Please join us in voting to elect Colette Aufranc to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) in the special election on September 1. We had the pleasure of serving with Colette in our former roles as Presidents of the WHS PTSO and the Wellesley Education Foundation. Our work with her gives us confidence that she is an outstanding candidate who will bring a wealth of experience, poise and commitment to the position.

Colette is an “all-rounder” with extensive knowledge on a wide range of issues, built through her professional accounting experience and a breadth of civic volunteer leadership positions. She is sought out for advice or a leadership role in every organization she joins because of her engagement and approachable leadership style. She has two years of experience on the Town’s Audit Committee, a testament to her deep financial expertise. She is ready to be a key contributor to the BOS on day one.

As PTSO Co-President, she built a shared vision about how to strengthen the PTSO’s work to advance the goals of WPS and WHS. New connections were built between the PTSO and WEF to further our collective impact in supporting professional development and parent education. Colette draws people together to develop shared goals and as a result, achieves stronger results.

This year has shown that change is our only constant – as we adapt to meet the challenges of COVID-19, and also take action to address deeply entrenched societal injustices. Colette is a life-long learner and will embrace these challenges as new opportunities. She is exactly who we need at this time in our town government. She will immerse herself in issues and build connections with those affected to learn from their experience. She brings a warm and personal touch in her outreach which welcomes all sides into the discussion. Rather than rushing, she will make thoughtful, evidence-based decisions.

We hope you will elect Colette on September 1 so that she can bring her passion and dedication to the Board of Selectmen for the benefit of all Wellesley residents.

Victoria Ostler, former WEF president

Maria Chase, former WEF president

Connie Burton, former WHS PTSO president

Andra Jensen, former WHS PTSO president


Please join us in supporting Colette Aufranc for Wellesley’s Board of Selectmen

It is with great enthusiasm and confidence that we write in support of Colette Aufranc’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. Our first interactions with Colette came from her engagement as a member of the Audit Committee, which oversees the audit of the Town’s financial statements and reports, and presents its findings to the Board of Selectmen. Her background as an experienced auditor served her and the Committee well as we engaged with the Town’s Financial and Executive Directors, School Business Office, Treasurer, Pension Board, Municipal Light Plant Board, IT Director, among others and the Town’s Auditors. Furthermore, as a Town Meeting Member and long term volunteer, she developed a solid understanding of Town affairs and built good relationships with key Town personnel.  

Colette engaged thoughtfully in important discussions with the auditors each year during the course of the Committee’s work. Colette was always well prepared, clearly showing she had conducted a thorough review of the meeting materials. We appreciated Colette’s immediate willingness to step in as secretary, and later chair, as these positions opened following the end of our terms on the Committee.

Colette is easy to work with, as she is always accessible, responsive, and open to others’ thoughts and ideas. She is also organized and efficient – detail oriented when needed, but equally able to see the bigger picture.  

Having a solid understanding of the Town’s financial position, being an experienced reader of the Town’s financial statements, and having a well-rounded background in finance is an asset to the Board of Selectmen in ordinary times, and will be even more helpful in the challenging days to come as we work though the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Colette clearly has these valuable skills.

Vote for Colette Aufranc!

Laura McDonnell, former Audit Committee Chair

Peter Cory, former Audit Committee member

Phil Laughlin, former Audit Committee member

Stephen St. Thomas, former Audit Committee Member

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