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Neighborhood endorsement letter

We are writing to enthusiastically support Colette Aufranc for Wellesley’s Board of Selectmen in the election scheduled for September 1.

We have had the pleasure of working with Colette outside of “official” town work, in the form of neighborhood-level advocacy and consensus-building. As in any neighborhood in town, our community adjacent to Linden Street faces occasional challenges that affect us all, such as construction, traffic, parking, commercial development, and changes to our parks and other common space.

Many of these challenges raise quite a bit of concern, worry, or enthusiasm among neighbors, and Colette has for many years taken a lead role in guiding us through. She researches the issues deeply and communicates the facts plainly with all interested parties. She is remarkable at seeing an issue from all sides, and dogged about finding a compromise that pleases as many stakeholders as possible.

Our unique town government thrives on officials who listen, collaborate, and seek consensus. We have seldom seen anyone better suited than Colette to this work on the Wellesley Board of Selectmen.

David Himmelberger, Linden Street, Town Meeting Member, Precinct H

Todd Himstead, Hill Top Road, Town Meeting Member, Precinct H

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