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Announcement of Candidacy

If you feel I asked for your vote just a short time ago, you are right! I was elected to the Select Board in the September 1st special election, and am now running for re-election to that same seat for a three-year term.

Since joining the Board, I have been directly involved in decisions surrounding elementary school buildings and engaged in challenging discussions about the Town’s capital and operating budgets and town wide financial plan, among a myriad of other undertakings. I am the Board’s representative on the Town’s Mobility Committee and represent Wellesley on the MBTA and MWRTA Advisory Boards. I was recently asked by the MBTA Advisory Board to join their Budgetary Committee. I also represent Wellesley on the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and The MetroWest Regional Collaborative. Engagement in these groups has allowed me to use my strength as a collaborator to form relationships with our neighboring towns and to advocate strongly on Wellesley’s behalf on transit and other matters.

My experience on the Select Board combined with my role as a Town Meeting Member, career as an accountant, and work as a civic volunteer gives me a strong foundation to continue my service on the Select Board. I would like to further the work I have begun on sustainable mobility and budget development in this challenging fiscal climate. Learn more about my background and work to date on the Select Board on my website.

I am very grateful for your support for my election to the Select Board in September and hope I can count on you again for my re-election on March 2nd.

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