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Goals for the next 3 years

What will I focus on if I am elected?

Basic core responsibilities come first


The Select Board has very broad responsibilities. These are my first priorities.


Core responsibilities include setting budget guidelines, crafting a capital financing strategy, managing reserves. The Select Board sets the Warrant for Town Meeting and does much work that goes into preparing for those meetings. Public safety and facilities management report to the Board.


Key initiatives for the Board next year include:

  • Balancing transport, housing, climate and economic initiatives - they all work hand in hand and one cannot be advanced without advancing the others. 

  • Filling key leadership roles and supporting Human Resources including a compensation and classification study.

  • Compliance with the MBTA communities act.

  • Advancing strategic initiatives including executing an equity audit, developing a strategic housing plan, and implementing a hazard mitigation.

In addition to this planned work there are always emergent issues to be addressed by the Board.

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Finances and Policies

It may not seem exciting, but it is critically important for the Select Board to update its policies on a rotating basis. Recent policy updates have allowed more focused discussion of future financial strategies. I Chair the Policy Sub Committee and would like to continue that work.

I have spent the last three years delving into the historical financial strategies the Town has adopted to inform my policy work. Our long term CFO is retiring and I provide institutional knowledge and continuity.

Transportation and Mobility

I have been advocating for a Transportation and Mobility Manager on Town staff for two years.  I would like to make sure that position is approved. Significant transportation funding is available through federal and state grants and we should be at the table for those grants attending to Wellesley's transportation needs.

A Busy Junction
Empty Subway Trai.njpg
Empty Subway Trai.njpg

Wellesley's Train Stations

The MBTA plans to upgrade and electrify its commuter rail trains, and continue its move toward frequent, predictable all day service. There is consideration of an additional track from Framingham to Newton which would necessitate full station upgrades. I have participated in 3 years of discussions on all these matters and would like to continue to advocate for Wellesley, including interim ADA access while we wait for full station upgrades. 


With the loss of an active local newspaper, it can be challenging to share accurate timely news of important local government initiatives.  I would like to explore what the Select Board can do to improve communication strategies so residents can be better informed. 

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